Recently, I had an itch for change, not sure why. I decided to go through with tinting my car windows, since I had been contemplating it for so long. I’ve never done it before so I didn’t know who to go to or even how much it would cost me. I contacted Innovative Auto Craft for a recommendation since they worked on my car recently. The owner there mentioned that they work with a reputable company that provides window tinting. They even said they’ll make the appointment for me at their shop since the vendor would most likely give them a discount for the job. And sure enough, he did. I contacted IAC on November 25th inquiring about my tints and they got me an appointment for December 1st. Talk about royal treatment. HAHA. I dropped off my car at noon on December 1st and picked it up by 3:00pm. My car looked so beautiful. The tints are a perfect shade. Not too light and surely NOT TOO DARK. Thank you Nelson and Emil for always going above and beyond for your clientele. I have never dealt with such professional, qualified, and humble business owners! You guys rock!